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Havanese New York

Providing you with life long Bestfriends since 1996! 
Our top #2 priorities are the Health & well being of our Havanese Puppies as well as the satisfation of our guests!
About Havanese New York 
We have had the privilege of working with Quality Purebred Havanese Puppies for the last 20 years.

Our Puppies recieve tender loving care and daily socialization. This wonderful breed is an excellent choice for children of any age group! These fuzzy, loving Cubans are Hypoallergenic & Non - Shedding, making them the ideal house pet. Call or Text us today to schedule an appointment to view our available Puppies!!

Havanese Overview:
​​The Havanese is a very Affectioate & Intelligent Breed that is quick to learn and aims to please. They're a Friendly, Outgoing Non Agressive Breed, as a result they are often used as Therapy & Emotional Support Pets.​​​
  1. Breed Group : Companion Dogs
    The Havanese Breed has a tendency to stay very close to their owners side, because of this they have earned the nickname Velcro Dog. Excellent watchdogs but poor guard dogs due to their size.
  2. Coloring :
    * Havanese come in a variety of Solid and Mixed colors. Some common colors: Brown, White, Cream, Silver, Red, Grey, Tan & Black. They have Silky Beautiful Long Hair that can be left long if properly groomed or can be cut short to minimize maintenance.
  3. Description :
    Small Dogs Weighing 7-13 pounds. Their height is typically 8 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder. They have drop ears & a tail that curls over the back. They reach their full size in 8-11 months & fully mature at 1 year of age.